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pwCatch is a shader for DAZ|Studio that helps you composite scenes with photographs and other renders.

What is a shader?

A shader is a tiny program that tells a surface how to look when it's rendered. By default, in DAZ|Studio, all objects use the dzDefault shader. If you look on the Surfaces tab, you can see all of the different properties of the default shader.

You can change the shader that an object uses to gain new abilities to change the object's appearance. One shader might let you composite an object with a photo, another might let you make volumetric clouds, still another could help you create the look of skin.

Most shaders only appear in 3Delight (software) renders, and pwCatch is no exception. Surfaces using pwCatch will not appear the same in renders as in the real-time preview window.

What do you use pwCatch for?

pwCatch is designed to be used for making a 3D object's shadows and reflection match up with a photograph. You can also use pwCatch to mask out parts of an object, cast extra shadows into a scene, or composite a scene with a render from another program.

What you do with pwCatch all depends on the way that you configure it.

Getting Started

To learn how to make objects use the pwCatch shader, see Applying pwCatch.

A number of different shader presets come with pwCatch, and these provide a quick way to apply one of pwCatch's most common configurations.

This guide goes over all of the new properties that are included with pwCatch. It's assumed that you're already familiar with using dzDefault shader properties, like Diffuse Color or Displacement Strength. If you need help with something that isn't listed here, check out the DAZ|Studio Manual and the Nuts & Bolts forum.